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(GRI 2-1,2-2,2-3,2-4)

At Ficohsa Financial Group (FFG, hereinafter), we continue to make progress with transparency and accountability to our different stakeholders, committed to continuing promoting the strengthening of responsible banking, which ensures the sustainability of the company, together with the loyalty and trust of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. This year we present our Sustainability Report 2022, which represents our thirteenth edition.

The information presented reports the main results obtained in the FFG during the fiscal year, which runs from January 1 to December 31, 2022, considering the financial results, and our environmental, social, and corporate governance performance (ESG). We continue to report our progress based on the 2021 materiality study, which defined the most important ESG aspects for the business. We also incorporate updated Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) financial sector standards.

The contents of this report have been validated in the first instance by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and Senior Management with the support of all the areas involved. In addition, we rely on external verification by an independent third party, responsible for recording the indicators present in this report through the verification letter.

To deepen the process of identification of material topics and external verification, see the corresponding annexes section.

Key elements of the report, international sustainability standards

We present qualitative and quantitative data on our extra-financial performance, using the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with special emphasis on general content related to our organization, activities, governance, strategy, and interest groups.

For the third consecutive year, we incorporate the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), for the sectors: Commercial Banks, Consumer Finance, Asset Management Custody Activities, Mortgage Financing, Investment Banking, Stock Exchange, and Insurance. This methodology responds to investors’ reporting requirements on ESG issues affecting the company’s financial stability.

We report on the main contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals since our accession to the UN Global Compact in 2018.

For the presentation of this report, we adopted the new updates for the Communication of Progress (COP) of the United Nations Global Compact.

How to identify the contents of this report: At the beginning of each section and below the titles we refer to the contents of the GRI Standards and SASB metrics. Likewise, the material issues of our business are highlighted.

The annex section of this report lists the GRI and SASB standards and the SDGs and Global Compact Principles.

At FFG, we keep an eye on the evolution of the reporting ecosystem for the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) once published.


Message from the President

Camilo Atala

In Ficohsa Financial Group we are focused on how to contribute to generating opportunities for people’s well-being and therefore the relevance we give to having a Sustainability Model that addresses the needs of our employees and their families, clients, suppliers, and communities where we interact.

It is equally fundamental for us to take care of the environment and its surroundings since a successful company is one which protects nature to pass on to future generations.

The Central American region will continue with its growth trend for 2023 estimated at 3.2%, although lower than in 2022, impacted by the challenge of the global economy, we are sure that the enormous obstacles can be overcome with work, unity, and commitment.

At Ficohsa Financial Group we work with transparency and integrity, two fundamental values that are part of our founding DNA, therefore presenting accountability to our various stakeholders with the Sustainability Report.

We want to be forgers of alliances that jointly allow the development of the Central American region, promoting a collaborative society, where one listens, so that the construction of the sustainability model allows us to grow as a team and company.

For us as a regional group, working together with our employees in the community is of special importance, because listening to them allows us to achieve great success together, even in difficult times like today.

It is our goal and it would be a source of pride that our sustainability work has a long-term vision, where our values of transparency and integrity, together with responsible, balanced, and transpar-ent decision-making, as well as solid growth, make us a benchmark for the region’s financial sector.

I want to thank in particular the thousands of employees of the Ficohsa Financial Group in the region, since they provided the means to make this Sustainability Memory possible, with the tens of thousands of hours that they have contributed and rewarded society.

Message from the Vice-President

Luis Atala

It is enormously satisfying to share as an organization the Sustainability Report that includes all our actions, efforts, and achievements that we, at Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, made throughout the year.

Ficohsa Financial Group aligned its business objectives with sustainability goals and environmental, social, and governance criteria in order to adopt a model in line with global business trends.

The commitment was born with us, since the beginning of our foundation, and is accentuated when we decided to link these eorts to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations. Through our Sustainability Pillars, we have created a culture of awareness and commitment among partners regarding the important role of the Ficohsa Financial Group in sustainability.

In that sense, sustainability is an extension of Corporate Social Responsibility, in which we work shoulder to shoulder with our stakeholders, where the Group’s commitment is to generate economic, social, and environmental value in the communities where we operate, confirming the idea that working together builds well-being for all.

It is exciting to see when we impact the quality of life of Hondurans, as well as other countries where we operate as a group, as it allows our daily work to transcend a financial operation or an insurance or pension service.

As an organization we understand that times have changed and therefore we evolve, making sure to establish ourselves as a responsible and sustainable financial group with the environment and society of the communities where we operate

Hence, we show our pride to act with a long-term vision of sustainability, with transparency and integrity, two values that identify our group, so that responsible, transparent, and balanced decisions are made, in order to continue growing solidly, becoming a reference for the Central American financial sector.

Figures Outstanding 2022


increase in cases of credits assessed at a regional level through the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis System

15 projects

of renewable energy
financed to date.


pounds of paper generated in operations were responsibly recycled at the regional level.


reduction of energy consumption of Ficohsa Honduras.


reduction of the ecological footprint in Honduras.


planted in buffer zones around La Tigra
National Park in the
city of Tegucigalpa and El Zapotal village in
San Pedro Sula.


and 50% of external members make up the structure of the Board of Directors.


of our employees trained with the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Management System (ABMS).


of the members of the Boards of Directors in each country trained in the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis System (ESRAS).


of suppliers are domestic.

27% growth

of Entrepreneur Banking’s credit portfolio, we support the growth and development of small and medium companies

+4,500 Cajas Ficohsa

in the 18 departments of the country promoting inclusive economic growth in the communities of Honduras.

+700 women

entrepreneurs of the Women Forward program trained in different areas to strengthen their skills and promote sustainable business transformation.

5,470 employees

regionally 57.4% Of our payroll are women.

+100 communities

beneficiaries of the Mi Tierra program in support of the agricultural sector, collaborating with small and medium farmers in Honduras.

150,600 boys and girls

benefited through Ficohsa Foundation in 149 preschool centers served at a regional level.

192 young people

hondureños beneficiados a través de las becas educativas otorgadas por Hondufuro para realizar sus estudios en las mejores universidades del extranjero.

+8.6 million people

reached through the regional financial education program.

Recognitions 2022



Bank of the Year 2022 in Honduras


Recognizes Ficohsa as Best Bank of the Year 2022 in Honduras


Investor magazine awarded Ficohsa in two categories:

Best Central American Banking Group 2022
Best Digital Transformation Central America 2022


16 years recognized for driving sustainable development


Identification, calculation, reporting, and verification of the Reduce your Corporate Footprint – Carbon